Prep your skin for winter

As the winter months get closer, you may want to prepare your skin for what's to come. Frosty mornings, the sun lying low and the intense rush of heat when escaping the cold outside aren't going to do you any favours.

So what can you do to help? Skin care expert Jill Zander, who has her own clinic, had shared her top tops. To begin with, she recommends speeding up the way you wash.

"Protect your skin from becoming dry and dehydrated over winter by not spending too long in the bath or shower," she explains. "Constant exposure to getting wet and drying is not good for the skin and over washing the face is not advised."

When you do wash your face, Jill recommends gently exfoliating to allow your natural glow to come through. This will make your skin more susceptible to any products applied to it.

You'll want to smother on the moisturiser to prevent dehydration, with Jill suggesting an extra nourishing one if your skin is particularly sore. Enough sustenance will help reverse the effects of the chill and central heating on your skin, and a good lip balm will help keep your puckers smooth too.

It shouldn't just be your exterior you focus on when it comes to keeping things in order though. Upping your water intake throughout winter is advised, even if that means a couple of fruit teas a day to warm you up.

As mentioned above, the sun is still out in force in winter, even if you can't feel its rays. The UVA released is just as strong during this season as it is in the summer, so don't hold back on the SPF. At the same time though it is important to get some natural light amidst the doom and gloom. Even if it is freezing out when the sky is clear, a quick walk to get some natural vitamin D exposure will help boost your complexion and toughen up your skin.